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Commission Contract

Pricing Outline



Licensing and Commercial Use

In addition to the working fee, I employ one of two licensing fees for commercial use in the cases of book covers, merchandising, promotional art, etc. based on the amount of work provided.




Individual cases may necessitate different royalty and licensing rates than the examples above. The negotiation of rates is up to the discretion of the parties involved.
Small businesses please let me know your situation so we can negotiate smaller fees!



50% up front, 50% upon shipment.  Each additional character is a 35% extra charge. (Also applies to reference sheets of one character.)



Will Draw

  1. Original Characters

  2. Fan Art

  3. Animals/Pets

  4. Fantasy Creatures

  5. Anthro/Furry

  6. NSFW (case by case)

  7. Character Ships

  8. Lewd

  9. Exaggerated Proportions

  10. Fantasy /Steampunk/ Modern / Contemporary / Historical

  11. Stylized work

Won’t Draw

  1. Shota, loli, underage, etc. are all unbudging no's.

  2. Things I feel are outside of my expertise

  3. Gore, extreme violence, etc.



Terms of Service

By commissioning me you agree to ALL terms and their legal implications.


You, the client, retain the rights to:

  1. A reasonable amount of revision.

    1. I want the product to be something we’re both happy with! However, please be decisive and clear with how you want the piece to be. This saves time and energy for both parties, and I can’t reasonably spend weeks tweaking a list of tiny details. Unless I state otherwise, the maximum number of revisions will be three. Any more will cost my hourly rate of $16.50.

    2. Revisions not previously agreed on will be an extra charge of $16.50 (i.e; asking for a man on a horse, but then asking for a man in a car).

    3. Please give me as much information as you want! Send me pointers as descriptive as you want, send me sketches no matter how rough they may be, as many reference images as you'd like, or if you want me to take the reins and be creative you can say that too! For the sake of clarity, a minimum of 3 reference images is preferred.

  1. A partial refund.

    1. Unlike most products, commission work isn’t something you can return and I can resell (usually). Due to the time intensive nature of the work (time and work I can’t get back),  I can’t afford to work at a net loss. The refund policy works as follows:

      1. The 50% upfront deposit is nonrefundable. I always make sure the project is on target before I take your deposit via email until both parties are satisfied enough to begin work. The deposit compensates me for my time and for my supplies as a protection from scammers.

      2. A partial refund is available up to a maximum of 30 days after completion within policy. After this period there will be no refunds provided. In the case of a refund there will be no delivery of the project to you. Your final 50% payment can only be refunded for the following:

        1. The final product is irreparably off target. (i.e, the final product isn’t anywhere near what you described and there is no way to fix it.)

        2. The project missed an agreed upon deadline. (Read below on if you qualify for a full refund).

        3. I cancel the project for unprofessional behavior you exhibit including;

          1. Harassive Behavior

          2. Abusive Behavior

          3. Infringement of My Privacy

          4. Dangerous Conduct

          5. Breaking Agreements/ Contracts

          6. Obstructively Poor Communication

          7. Conduct jeopardizing others’ safety, privacy, and rights to consent

  1. A high quality file of the final product.

    1. Upon final payment and if it’s a digital medium, I will send multiple file types in the original scale to your email. In the case of a physical medium, I will try to scan the artwork to the best of my ability at no extra charge.

  1. A full refund if I, personally, abandon the project.

    1. If I decide to cancel the project personally, for reasons such as;

      1. I feel like I am not up to the task of delivering a quality product.

      2. I have personal issues overwhelming me and need to cease work.

    2. You are also entitled to a full refund if I am grossly overdue for the deadline, this would mean I went multiple months without communication and without a finished product, i.e; I said I would have something done in April and it is now July with no updates. However, as I am disabled and my health fluctuates, I will let you know if progress will be halted for any significant amount of time.


I retain the rights to:

  1. Refuse any offer, for any reason.

    1. In general I will not draw:

      1. Hardcore NSFW (case by case)

      2. Shota, loli, underage, etc. are all unbudging no's.

      3. Things I feel are outside of my expertise

      4. Gore, extreme violence, etc.

  2. Post the work to social media.

    1. If you do not request that I refrain from posting the work, then I will do so and hold the right to do so without consulting you.

  3. The finished work.

    1. By commissioning this art, you agree that you will not take credit for it. You will not repost it with any watermark other than my own if a watermark is featured. You do not own the rights to the intellectual property of the concept of the specific artwork, nor do you receive credit for the creation other than being the client.

  1. Take legal action if the final payment is not received within two weeks of shipment, unless a payment plan is discussed.

    1. By commissioning my work, you agree to the following terms;

      1. 50% of the transaction total must be delivered upon the Artist approving of the Client’s request.

      2. The rest of the transaction total must be delivered once the Artist presents proof of shipment.

        1. Ceasing communication with the Artist for longer than a week will be considered a failure to deliver payment.

        2. The Artist is not liable for whatever happens to the product during shipment. Payment must still be delivered in full. 

        3. Exceptions in the case of negotiated payment plans with a signed contract.

  2. Ask for financial reports regarding commercialized artwork and audit the royalties at any time.

    1. The artist will be reimbursed by the offending party should the audit find the royalties paid in deviation from the contract.

    2. The artist is allowed to audit the opposing party for financial reports at any time.

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